Alice made me do it.
Alice and I have a weird friendship.  We met on Tinder but had zero chemistry.  We did share a passion for art and creativity though.  ​​​​​​​
I did a couple of shoots for her and she brought me here so I could add some cool photos to my IG in my effort to become 'instafamous.'
I was under the illusion that I needed a fair amount of hot girls for my Instagram portfolio.  It's not a bad strategy.  It works for quite a few people, but for me it felt forced and unnatural.
You know how they say that comedians are musicians with no courage?  Well I think photographers are comedians without wit.  We just observe and capture.  Comedians observer, capture, and twist.  That extra step makes all the difference.
Well even within photography there's levels of complexity.  I'm not into portraits because they require visualization that I'm too lazy to do.  I'd rather treat photography like hunting instead.
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