The artwork in Ximen never ceases to amaze me.
The graffiti scene in Taipei here has almost nothing to do with gangs, but everything to do with vibrancy and creativity.  Local businesses and even the movie theater hire street artists to color up the area.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Most of Taipei is an urban nightmare, but Ximen is especially bad. The buildings are like jail cells. It's insanely crowded. And to top it off teenage gangsters want to intimidate you with deafening scooter exhausts. 
Sometimes I feel like the street art is the only thing that separates this place from hell.

A typical scene in Ximen, Taipei.

The street art located near Taipei Cinema Park provides a sharp contract to the urban hell above.

FLEKS is a famous street photographer in Taipei.  Follow his Instagram @fleksone and comment Andrew sent you.

The bulk of the art is centered around Taipei Cinema Park. It's a nice big open area with small displays and big murals on the buildings. The artwork seems to be changed every couple of months.
I really appreciate the art here.  I think the city in general should encourage more of it and open up areas to let these artists shine.  The buildings in Taipei are so ugly.  Factor in the frequent rain with other problems in the city and you have the makings of a real misery pit, but art can change that.
Beauty and art aren't luxuries, but try telling that to developers and business owners in Taiwan.  If only these guys knew the importance of art then maybe they could probably be more profitable and make a happier city that spends more.
Anyway, places like this in Ximen are a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dreary city.  Let's hope that the talented artists here are given more and more opportunities to thrive throughout Taipei and the rest of Taiwan.
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