I have a terrible habit.
I love to start things and then quit as soon as they show signs of success.  I think it's because I'm scared to make that leap of faith, because well...  I don't have faith.  
What does this have to do with this place and these photos?
As you can see there are a lot of different people in these photos.  They were shot during my first photography meetup I hosted.  I was so shocked that people actually showed came —so shocked that I never held one again.
I think the reason I never held one again was because I was both lazy and scared.  Plus I couldn't really envision what it might lead to.  How is doing this going to make my dreams come true?
When's the last time you saw a working class photographer with any talent?  There's a good reason.
I've talked about this a million times before.  It's just different for working class people.  I've seen it in action way too many times.  
When a working class person pursues their dreams here's what they're up against:
-Little to zero support from their friends/family.
-No industry connections.
-Limited knowledge or guidance.
-No safety net.
When a middle class person heads out in pursuit of a dream, they can often expect: 
-Encouragement from family and friends.
-A few people in the industry that can help them get the ball rolling.
-A few years of experience working with a mentor or related professional experience.
-A safety net if it fails​​​​​​​.
So why the hell do I bother with photography or creativity in the first place when I know class overrides talent?  
Well ultimately I hope I'm wrong.  And when I am I'll tell you how I broke through.
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