A humbling reminder of fate. 
Last time I went to Jiufen I stumbled into this gallery full of faces.  It just so happened that we came in a week before the guy was retiring.
This gallery and artist represent the perfect artist life.  He's got his special medium, a niche within that medium, a theme to his body of work, and each piece of work is a special creation.  Banksy is this way.  Too $hort is this way.  I really admire artists who are consistent and prolific like this.
This is what I hope to achieve with my work.  It's been so hard to do it though because I focus on too many things.  I can't pick a theme or style and keep with it.
It seems when we're young we're all about shaping our destiny.  Then aging becomes about accepting fate.  At 32 I can feel myself somewhere in the middle, but falling towards acceptance of fate. 
Life is our sculptor.  We are no different from these faces on the wall.  The elements earth and our experiences mold us into unique characters.
Perhaps this is the whole reason we are alive.  Somebody was bored and wanted to make some living sculptures, and charges $5 to let his friends come take a look at us.  Maybe $10 during world wars.
I hope when I get stuck to the wall that I make a good sculpture.
There's a lot of different ways to measure a good life.  Many see a good life as one with status.  Others value rich experiences.  I think a good life is about molding myself into an interesting character.   
I want to make the sculptor and gallery visitors happy.​​​​​​​