I met Oozebrood while I was streaming on Twitch.  He frequented my channel and later I learned that he was also a streamer and graffiti sticker artist.
I like his artwork because of the colors and unique characters.  He often uses bright colors and draws monsters or animals.  Plus he's taken to using postal stickers as his primary medium which is interesting.  The characters remind me of something Rick and Morty might run into on an adventure.  Here are two of my favorites:
I recently got to ask him a few questions about his artwork:​​​​​​​
What led you to drawing monsters on postal stickers?
In 2014 I decided to stop throwing my art away and start posting it for creative criticism. I chose to post my doodles on Instagram.  After a month or two another artist LitterBoxStickers asked if I'd be interested in drawing on postal stickers.  The rest is history, and it’s all based on the practicality and availability of postal stickers. (Free, shipped right to your doorstep if you’re based in the US).
Who or where do you get your inspiration from?
Internally.  Using art as a coping mechanism is a huge inspiration as most of it is channeling constant feelings of struggle and conflict into something productive.  Externally, I'm inspired by those willing to blaze their own trail in the face of societal opposition. ​​​​​​​
So who are some people you think have managed to blaze their own trails?
There are so many to mention and I don’t think that any one person is the whole of my inspiration, but people like Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla really set a precedent that the traditional methods to achieve success are not always the best approach. 
What made you make the jump from sticker drawing to Twitch?
Instagram was bought out by Facebook.  Then they made the feed non-chronological to promote their shitty brands and sponsored content creators. The entire system that allowed other small artists to find and promote one another was destroyed and I no longer had a sense of community or meaningful interaction. 
Through friends I learned about Kitboga and MikeSci which introduced me to Twitch. A few months later, I started watching Hitch and I fell in love with the feeling of interaction and community that Twitch can facilitate.  I browsed the Art section of Twitch to find that there were little to no traditional artists regularly streaming,  so I decided to start doing graffiti sticker art to share what someone else showed me that brought me so much joy. 
From there, it’s evolved but I still do graffiti sticker art on Twitch when I can. ​​​​​​​
Has Twitch been as good a creative outlet as sticker art for you?
Yes, it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. It’s allowed me to connect with people around the globe with similar common interests. These individuals also have followed me on Twitch into other ventures in the In Real Life (IRL or Just Chatting) category and it’s been a very dynamic experience for all involved. 
What’s your ultimate goal as an artist?
To create art that inspires those beyond just their imagination. To create a feeling that can be shared with others regardless of location, language, or age, for an ephemeral moment. 
What is your favorite color combination?
Depends on my mood ultimately. Lately, been really digging the vaporwave style neon purple / blue ​​​​​​​
If you find yourself sitting in front of an empty canvas wanting to draw but with nothing in mind, what do you do?
Most of the time when I draw I don’t think of anything specific.  It just happens.  But when I hit a creative roadblock getting outside is the best thing for inspiration.  I hike, long-board, kayak, or go disc golfing to remove myself from art completely.  It clears my mind and gets me back into a creative flow. ​​​​​​​
My Thoughts
I think it's really great that Oozebrood has found an alternative method for creativity and growing his reach.  I agree with his dissatisfaction with the direction of Instagram completely.  Twitch and YouTube are basically the only social media platforms left where organic growth seems possible.  This obviously presents a challenge for artists since we primarily work in 2D.
But I think the path that Oozebrood has taken could serve as a road map for other artists looking to grow a fan base and awareness of their work.  The good thing about Twitch is that Emotes are a huge part of it's appeal.  I think that Oozebrood's work could make for some killer emotes!  I hope Twitch opens more doors for him and he continues to feel creatively satisfied.
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