When the art doesn't match the artist.
I have no idea who is going to read any of this.  I don't know what kind of stories to tell here or whether people reading this are simply looking for travel advice.  That's the problem with my art.  
My photos look like something from lonely planet, but my experiences resemble something much different.  It's almost like I'm lying with these things.
My memories of Maokong are nothing like you'd imagine them to be based on these pictures.  These pictures are clean, beautiful, and friendly.  This reflects the place well, but not my personal experiences in life.
I guess it's a bit like music.  Sometimes the story of the artist is completely different from the type of music they put out.  Other times the material represents their lives.
I've wrestled with this issue for a long time.  My photos are full of beauty and light, but my stories and experiences are different.  But if I want to be true artist then maybe the photos should merge with my personality, but I do that at risk of losing something important.
For me it's important to put out pictures like this.  These photos give me comfort.  It's nice to know that somebody as miserable as me is capable of putting out some sort of positive energy, even if nobody ever sees it.  But at the same time, I know people are craving stories, and these photos don't tell a story.
I'll have to figure something out.  Anyways, go to Maokong it's cool.  
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