Best view of the north!  
Most first-time tourists to Taiwan will likely visit Shilin Night Market, but what they're all missing out on is this epic view of it.  
They have no idea that this view is only a 30 minute walk from where they're stuffing their faces.  
There are two nice clearings on opposite sides of the mountain that are only about 10 minutes away from each other.  The shot on the left points southeast.  The shot on the right points northwest.​​​​​​​
There's also a pretty cool temple where a bunch of old folks chill and work out.  It's loaded with equipment and KTV sets.  It's an interesting vibe up there especially on the weekends.  
Photographers visiting here need to check out JianTan Underpass before leaving the area too.  It's really close to the base of this trail and definitely worth trying to get a few shots.  Between this place, the underpass, and Shilin Night Market there's endless opportunities for great shots.   
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