Instagram made me do it.
Anybody who knows me knows I hate social media.  At first I hated it because I could never be popular on it, but thanks to new research I can justify my hate for it.
But if it wasn't for Instagram I never would have known how cool this place is.  It blew up and now everybody comes here for this picture: See here.
You can only guess so much where the good spots are going to be using Google Maps.  I think the best thing to do when scouting is use a combination of Google Maps and Instagram.
I didn't get any epic 'on the rock shots' when I headed out.  I try to get shots that capture the overall vibe of the place.  It lets people or scouters know what to expect here.
To summarize, this is a great trail for everybody.  It's great for cheerful models seeking that perfect IG shot, cynical photographers escaping their thoughts, and everybody in between. ✌️
It can get a little crowded at the top, but there are multiple ways up which spreads the traffic out nicely on the trail.
📍 Find this place on Google Maps.

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