My not so secret spot.
I discovered this spot by accident.  There's some stupid rule in Taiwan that says you can only open a bank account at the branch closest to your home.  I had just moved so after opening my account I found myself in an area I had never been before.  Then I saw a sign for a hiking trail.
I just followed it all the way up.
Without the bank visit I'm sure I would have discovered this place anyway, but stumbling upon something like this randomly adds to the fun.  I was thrilled to have come across such an epic view.
It was even more surprising to see no tourists.  This is easily one of the best views of the city.
Sure, it's not a close-up view of downtown like Elephant Mountain, but it's basically the widest unobstructed view you're going to get of the city.  You can see all the way from Taipei 101 to DapingLin station.
I've illustrated badly below what I am explaining badly above. 
After discovering this spot I used it for my Tinder dates for quite some time.  There's literally nobody on the trail on weekdays, and there are plenty of nice spots to sit, lie down, or whatever.
Any young shooters reading this feel free to make this your spot as well.  I have retired it.  Enjoy.  😉
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