Awesome while it lasted... 
Access to this rooftop has sadly been cut off.  This was one of my favorite spots to shoot with friends.  The view was great and it was just a fun spot to chill.
Taiwan is usually pretty relaxed about building security,  but due to the popularity of roof-topping now they've cracked down in recent years.  
This presents quite an obstacle for trying to get shots like these in the future.  The silver lining though is that trespassing isn't as serous a crime in Taiwan as it is in the US, and some security guards are nice enough to let you onto roofs if you ask.  
I don't do rooftop photography too often anymore, but my biggest regret is not having a wide-angle lens when I did.  I could never afford a decent one like all the rich Instagram kids.
When you're up on rooftops here without a real subject other than the ground below, it's essential to get the widest angle possible, otherwise the shots are not that interesting.  
Luckily, for one of the shots above my girlfriend was brave enough to serve as my daring subject, and due to the limitation in focal length, I was forced to get creative.
If I had the wide-angle lens I wanted, I wouldn't have had to get creative and get the ones I got.  So this experience taught me something important about being creative:  It's better to embrace your limitations instead of cry about them.  
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