1. Jin Mian Shan
This trail is sort of a ‘choose your own adventure’ hike.  Visitors can stick to the stairs for a fairly casual stroll or take the rope route for more adventure.  Once at the peak, there are plenty of rocks to perch up on and enjoy million dollar views of the city.  This place is a real favorite among the locals.    
Closest MRT: Xihu Station 西湖站
2. Immortal Rock Trail
The name ‘Immortal Rock’ is in reference to the huge rock situated at the peak.  The path begins at street level near Jing Mei Night Market.  Then it winds up the hill and passes through a temple.  The view from the temple is breathtaking.  Once passing through the temple, hikers can head up another set of stairs that leads to the peak.  This spot is special because it’s situated right in the middle of the city.  Most hiking trails are too far or too high to get great views in every direction, but not this one.
Closest MRT: Jing Mei Station 景美站
3. Elephant Mountain
If Taiwan is featured in a movie or other form of mass media, there’s a strong possibility that some footage taken from Elephant mountain will be used.  People come here to grab videos, stills, and timelapse of Taipei 101.  No trip to Taiwan is complete without making this hike.
Closest MRT: 像山站
4. Warship Rock
Warship Rock Even though it sits on the grounds of a major university, this mountain is a popular destination for more than just students.  The unique erosion of the rocks and views of Northern Taipei are likely the biggest draws to this spot.  The trail is mostly stairs and seemingly easy for elderly people to climb.
Also known as: Battleship Rock or Dog Head Rock
Closest MRT: Shipai Station 奇岩站
5. Yuan Jue Waterfall
The nature found here is quite surprising considering the hustle and bustle environment nearby.  After walking through a couple of crowded streets, a trial leads into a lush forest and river stream.  Then suddenly Yuan Jue Waterfall appears.  In the summer people often cool off in the pool below the falls.  More adventurous people grab ahold of the provided ropes and climb to the second layer.
Closest MRT: Dahu Park Station 捷運大湖公園站
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