Know your weapon, love your weapon… Whether it’s a shotgun or a camera, take the time to get acquainted with the tools of the trade.  Here’s 5 things to do right after buying your first camera.
1. Read The Manual.​​​​​​​
After dropping a bunch of money a beautiful new camera, the last thing anyone wants to do is look at a boring and thick white book.  However, some things can’t simply be figured out on the fly.  So at the very least, least breeze over the manual to get a baseline knowledge the camera’s features and functions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
2. Practice Good Shooting Posture.​​​​​​​
Some people surgical about this, but many situations simply don’t allow for perfect shooting posture, but here are two helpful habits to form:

Hold the bottom of the camera should be comfortably rested in the middle of the left palm, while the thumb and index finger lightly grip the lens.  Before taking a picture, exhale until your lungs are empty… hold it… then shoot.  

3. Start Playing the Numbers Game.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I’ve been shooting for over 7 years and I would still say that 99% of the pictures I take suck.  In the beginning 100% of your pictures will probably suck, but the less you shoot, the more time it will take to move that number from 100% to 99%.  Take any and every opportunity you can to shoot.  
4. Find a Mentor, or at Least Somebody Better Than You.
Why waste a bunch of time trying to pick up all the tricks of the trade on your own?  If you partner up with somebody you’ll likely progress a lot quicker and learn things from other people that would take you a lot longer to discover yourself.
5. Treat Photography Like Your Workout
We do almost everything we do out of habit.  Start designating times to shoot so that you make it part of your routine.  There’s nothing worse than when you buy something and never use it.
I think these 5 tips will help get you on the right track.  Obviously there's technical things to study and learn (which I will get into), but these things should put you on the right course.  If you have more questions then feel free to join my discord and ask!