TIANMU —​​​​​​​ Today I went to Dayeh Takashimaya Department Store.  I had fun playing with this new app called Kuji Cam.  They really nailed this filter.  A lot of photographers scoff at these things, but I think only the only ones complaining about Kuji Cam will be the ones mad they're wasting a bunch of time and money on real film.
I started shooting on my walk over.  I caught a few decent shots —even got a dog on a scooter to add to my collection.  Once I got to the mall I shot a few people in B1 food court.  Caught a depressed old dude, or maybe he was just looking at his shoe.  Not sure...
Then I think I scared some workers.  After the food court I worked my way up from there.  The parking garage is on the upper levels of the building, which is nice because it makes it really easy to get up there and shoot the city.​​​​​​​
I'm not sure why it took an app with a filter to get me to start using my phone for street photography.  I should have been doing this a long time ago.  Phones are great for street shots.  People are less likely to react to a phone than a DSLR.​​​​​​​
I guess I didn't use my phone was because I'm concerned about consistency with my work.  But if they can create this filter for a phone then surely I could replicate the same look on PC for my DSLR photos, right?​​​​​​​
hen I got home I did a quick Google search to see if I can use the same filter on my PC.  I found some random guy on Reddit made a camera profile based on this filter.  It works pretty well.  I installed it and applied it to one of my latest images.
No Filter
With Filter
I really like this look and feel.  It looks like a true film photo just like in the app without being washed out.  I think I am going to start editing all of my photos with this color profile.  I'm also going to start using my phone to shoot more.  Not having my DSLR should be no excuse for missing a great shot!
So if you're looking to do some street photography with your phone check out the app!  I'm surprised that Instagram hasn't copied it yet.  It's a lot better than their current ones.

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