BEITOU DISTRICT —​​​​​​​ Most people travelling to Beitou will find themselves soaking in the hot springs or engating in other tourist-like activities.Β  But just like any other tourists hot spot there regular people living regular lives not too far away.Β  Beitou Market is bustling every day with ordinary people trying to hustle and survive.
I like this market because it's raw and chaotic.Β  I've met a few interesting characters here in the past and captured some nice scenes.Β  Today's visit was no different.
For most westerners the idea of gangsters selling fruit sounds absurd, but in Taiwan it's no weird thing.Β  Most of the markets are connected to the mafia anyway.Β  At this market in particular you can always hear some gangster-types yelling loudly in the center.Β Β 
They're really aggressive in the way they sell but as far as I can tell harmless to anybody simply walking by.
This market converges at a 3-way intersection which is probably why it's so chaotic.Β  But once you wander out of the center there's both some interesting architecture and some cool indoor stalls.
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