If you blink you might miss it... 
I drove past this place at least 15 times before stopping.  I didn't really see the point in visiting.  Just another abandoned building.  So what?
I often find myself unable to pick up my camera because it all seems pointless.  I'm not getting paid.  My work isn't popular.​​​​​​​  Why bother?
People slaved over it's construction knowing fair well that someday it could easily be abandoned and fall apart.  So why bother making it?  Well, for money most likely.  
But with money out of the question, at least this house served a clear purpose (unlike my photography).
At the time of vising, my girlfriend and had been drifting apart because of our jobs.  Our visit to this house was a fun afternoon for us and a chance to reconnect.  I'm sure those who built this place never thought of us coming here and enjoying the fruits of their labor even in it's decayed state.
So I guess we never know what sort of good our efforts might bear.  Maybe realizing that can be enough to keep some nihilism at bay.
I'm really glad I went to explore this place and shoot some photos.  It reminded me of why our relationship was so much fun before.​​​​​​​
Now that I've put some thought and effort into something I feel better, and anything else that comes as a result is a bonus.  By no means does this make me a hero, but I've stopped asking, 'What's the point?"
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