The best place for Christmas lights in Taipei...
Christmas is INSANELY commercialized in Taiwan.  This area in Banqiao is setup to draw people into the shops and malls around the holidays.  Christmas in Asia has zero religious or cultural significance though.  It's basically Valentines Day here.
Photographers of all kinds usually appreciate Christmas lights though.  This is an excellent place to find them.
For me a place like this is a bit of a mind-fuck.  Knowing that it's beautiful and the pressure to get a beautiful image here seems to lead to me not getting any decent pictures.  I was a bit frustrated at after the first 30 minutes of not getting any decent shots.  
So I just decided to relax and treat it like any other place.
I'd say it takes about an hour to walk through all of the light displays.  Other than the lights you'll find street vendors, performance artists, and high-end malls nearby.  There were also quite a few interesting characters wandering around taking photos...
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