Imagine copy/pasting 1950s South Carolina onto Taiwan...
The US provided Taiwan with extensive military assistance during the 1950s and 60s.  Housing areas such as this one were developed for officers and advisers working with the ROC military.  Most of these spots have been abandoned, but this one still resembles a traditional American suburb. 
I would have liked to see some museums and information about this era, but in pursuit of a quick dollar most of these houses have been turned into ice cream shops and overpriced restaurants.  
But on the other hand, I can't think of a better homage to the American way...  Screw history, let's sell some shit.  😉
Visitors here gladly embrace the spirit of vanity and consumerism as they take Instagram selfies with Starbucks cups to an 'American' backdrop.  
Just as my girlfriend and I were about to throw up and leave, we stumbled onto something special...
This abandoned house was being used as a honey factory on the 1st floor.  We followed another group of tourists inside and were greeted by a worker eager to give us a tour.
The perimeter was surrounded bee boxes.  Bees buzzed around our heads as our guide explained how everything worked.
He took special care to make sure that I got photos I wanted, and at the end of the tour didn't try to sell us anything.  He simply went back to work.  
The house had these blue boxes surrounding it and bees everywhere, but none of them bothered us while we took our tour.
When the other guests left we were free to explore the rest of the abandoned house.  It felt like the type of place Allie and Noah from the Notebook would go to take each other's virginity.  
From the 2nd floor of the abandoned house/honey factory.  
After grabbing some typical 'hot girl in abandoned house' shots, we thanked the guide and left.  If we never found this abandoned house I probably would have hated this trip.  Instead I felt happy and accomplished.  
This neighborhood is probably good for people looking to replicate an American vibe for a fashion shoot, but I had hoped this place might be a bit more informative as to the history and why it was built.  Perhaps I just didn't search well enough.
Regardless, I'm really glad we got to tour the abandoned house and see all the bees.  Deviations often save the day!  👍
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